There are a lot of ugly people out there.

This morning I met with a TA from one of my classes.  She asked me if I work for a vet clinic because an employee at her vet clinic looks just like me.  I do not.  I get this a lot, though.  Acquaintances often ask me if they've seen me somewhere.  I guess I have very bland, common physical features.

But sometimes I worry that there's a covert army of women out there who look just like me, and they're doing all sorts of evil things and are basically ruining my reputation in all sorts of ways.

Maybe I should dye my hair neon green or something.

less than a month until [so many good things]

Twelve more days...

Twelve more days...

Twelve more days...

Twelve more days before the boor I'm currently living with moves out.  What a fucking relief. 

Fourteen more days until the BSB concert.  Don't judge, I'm excited.  

Sixteen days until my family gets here.

Twenty-two days until summer session A ends.

Twenty-three days until I head to Wisconsin (woo-hoo) for three weeks.  Really looking forward to it, actually.

At the moment, it looks like I will return to VA for summer session C and then, instead of taking my regular classes in the fall, I will move to Wisconsin for six months to keep my sister and baby nephew company in the new house.  Secluded.  In the middle of nowhere.  In Wisconsin.  A year ago I would have never agreed to this arrangement, but right now it's looking like a nice deal.  I can take the time to study Arabic and start studying for the FSO exam, the LSAT and maybe even the GRE.  Maybe.

Whoa, my life is boring. 
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i hate needles

Got a tetanus/diphtheria vaccination today.  It's been twenty years since my last tetanus shot, so of course I forgot how much this fucker hurts.  Fortunately I won't have to get another one until 2020.  I also made an appointment with a career counselor to go over my resume next week and talk about my future.  I'm dreading it, but I know I need to go and get some much-needed advice.  

Next week also happens to be spring break.  I was hoping to take a few day-trips here and there, and to do some de-cluttering around the apartment, but I don't know if I'll have time.  I definitely want to take a trip to Assateague Island to see the wild horses.  Maybe I'll bring Pepper with me.  But I have two research papers to finish, one literature paper to write, and a government midterm to study for.  I also want to either write a new piece or edit an old one for submission to a literary magazine at Mason. 

I'm tired.

My arm hurts.

Happy hour with the girls at PJ Skiddoo's tonight!  

The end.




Pepper did it again.  I called the vet and she told me to watch him closely for 24 hours.  So I had to email my professors today and tell them I couldn't go to class because, well, my dog likes eating trash.  My English professor wrote back and was super sympathetic.  I love her.  Also, I was really fucking stupid to keep the bathroom door open again.  I ran out the door last night for Eric's dinner and I swear on my life I thought I shut that door.  But I didn't.  So we're keeping the trash bin in a cabinet, like we should have been doing all along anyway.  I'm so stupid. 

So, I'm stuck at home.  Whoo.  I needed to go to campus to get a vaccination but it doesn't look like I'll be able to.  This gives me plenty of time to work on papers, though, which I actually really appreciate.

There is someone standing RIGHT outside our door, taping up and wrapping something large, and making a lot of noise, but Pepper's just sitting there, not barking.  Is this a bad sign?  I'm so worried.  


butterflies, gtfo

I think things are going just great with Tammy.  I feel like I'm floating.  I've got those fucking butterflies in my stomach.  Gosh.

I had to take Pepper to the vet yesterday for an emergency visit.  I came home and he had gotten into our bathroom wastepaper basket and had eaten basically everything.  The vet induced vomiting and now the old bastard is on a special bland diet for a few days.  He's also going to have to have most of his teeth removed pretty soon, too.  If Pepper knew anything about anything, he'd be counting down the days until June, when he finally gets to Wisconsin.  Poor boy. :(  In Elk Mound he'll have acres to run around in and he'll be with my sister again and he won't have to up with me anymore.  I think I'm going to really miss him.  But damn, his breath smells like death.

Eric is returning to Korea for another year so we're having a going-away party for him tonight at the Cheesecake Factory.  My favorite.  But I'm not in the mood for cheesecake, which is so strange.

Yay for boring journal entries.


Blizzard '10

Usually I scoff at the snowfall in Northern VA, but this is pretty intense.  It doesn't help that the roads are poorly maintained during inclement weather.  Way to go, Virginia, way to go.

But it's pretty.  And if CL calls me in this weekend they'll have to get someone to pick me up and drive me, whether it's someone from the police department or another counselor.  So I don't have to worry about driving until Monday afternoon.  

Tonight I plan on making mango curry with tofu and mixed veggies, and some poached pears with a saffron-citrus syrup as dessert.  Possibly over some ice cream.  I might wait on that until around the time my flatmate's supposed to get home from work.  Hopefully it'll be tasty.  I'm 'vegetarian for a month'.  I'm a little over a quarter of a way through.  It's on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  Ultimately I'd like to go vegetarian for good, like my sister.  Maybe this'll be it!


what to see, what to see

Christmas was pretty great.  My mom and sister got me some really great books, which is suprising because I wouldn't tell them what I wanted.  They got me a round-trip ticket to Turkey, and that's all I asked for and needed.  So I'm a really grateful gal.  My sister also got me a sound machine like the one her son has.  I've been using it every night since.  I put it on 'rainfall' and time it for an hour and I sleep like a baby (almost literally, considering the fact that my nephew is only 8 months!).

It's rainy and chilly here in Ankara.  Last year it snowed, and we had our first white Christmas in six years.  But this year it was just misty and partly cloudy.  Still a little more seasonal than Cairo, where it doesn't get nearly so cold.

So I've been emailing this woman back and forth since I got here.  We went on a date a couple of days before I left for Turkey.  I feel like a goon every time I open a new message from her, because her emails always make me grin and giggle.  Ah well.  *blush*  We're going to try to get together after I return to the States, because shortly after I get back, she has to go away for a week or two for training and I'm back at Mason.  Boo.

So far the only touristy thing I have done during this trip is going to an archaeological museum (the Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesior, the Museum of Anatolian Civilization) and a citadel (Ankara Castle) on the other side of the city.  I went to the museum last year but forgot my camera, and I had to return to take some pictures.  I'll post some later.  It's easily one of the nicest museums I have ever been in, anywhere.  And the view from the citadel is awesome.  We had lunch at a place called the Washington Restaurant.  Beef stroganoff.  Yum!  Adrian chewed on some bread and then pounded the table with his little hands.  He's so cute.  We were planning on going to either the Hacı Bayram mosque or the Kocatepe Mosque and then to a shopping district today but it's rainy and cold, so I don't know if we'll go.

There are a few other things I want to see here: the Monumentum Ancyranum (temple of Augustus and Rome), Kurtuluş Park (to go ice skating), Atatürk Orman Çiftliği (the Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo), and Atakule tower, for lunch or dinner.  But I doubt we'll get to all of those.  Next week it's possible we'll be going to Cappadocia, which would be MOST AMAZING THING EVER.